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Litigation Property Valuation

Valuations ACT can help when you’re dealing with a property matter that has ended up in court. Property matters typically go to court when there is a dispute When you’re dealing with a property matter in court a property valuation becomes an important piece of evidence that the judge will use to make a decision on how the property should be divided.

Property matters will often end up in court when there is a dispute over the property’s value or how it should be divided and they normally occur after a relationship has broken down or your situation has changed. These are often stressful situations with people being pressured into signing agreements that they later discover were unfair. This could occur when one of the parties sells their share of the property to the other party and then later discovers that they sold it for less than it was worth. In other situations, one party may have paid too much for the property and then discovered that the property was worth less than they should have paid.

To avoid property disputes it is best to get an independent property valuation before your matter goes to court. That way you will have all the information that you need which will save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run because you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision before the matter goes to court.

Depending on the state of the relationship between you and the other party, you may agree on a valuer to represent both of you however if you would prefer you can each appoint your own valuer who will act on your behalf. The information from that valuer will then be used in court.

What is a litigation valuation?

A litigation valuation is a valuation that has been prepared specifically for legal purposes with the intention of it being used in court. A litigation valuation report will be completed after thoroughly researching the property market. They will research comparable sales that have occurred over the last six months and the current market conditions. Unlike some valuers who only do a desktop valuation, our valuers will physically inspect your property so we can assess everything that contributes to its value including the size and condition, the visual aesthetics, the proximity to public transport and local infrastructure and whether or not the property has great views or is close to the beach.

We will then tailor the valuation so that it can be used in court. Every valuation we prepare is 100% independent and prepared without bias so a magistrate or judge can use it to make a court judgement.

Why choose Valuations ACT?

Valuations ACT takes property valuations seriously and we are genuinely passionate about the property market. We are also driven by a hunger for success and every property valuation completed is a sworn legal document that can be used in court. Our valuations have been used in various Australian courts such as: Federal Court of Australia; Federal Circuit Court of Australia; Family Court of Australia; NSW Supreme Court; NSW District Court; NSW Land and Environment Court; ACT Supreme Court; ACT Magistrates Court; County Court of Victoria; Family Court of Western Australia.

Valuations ACT has Australian Property Institute membership and every valuer is a Certified Practising Valuer. Before we send valuations out, we ensure they go through a quality control process and we are always looking for new ways to improve our service to you. We’re available on (02) 6189 2232 if you would like to arrange a litigation valuation.


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