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Office and Commercial Property Valuations

When you’re dealing with office space, whether it’s renting, buying or selling it, it’s important to know what it’s worth so you don’t pay too much or undercharge for the space. Valuations ACT has a team of office and commercial property Valuers who have in depth knowledge of recent market activity, the market sentiment and the latest property trends. All of our commercial valuations are conducted using a consistent approach. Our approach includes thorough research through our property databases and we analyse income and expenses so we can accurately value property.

We also speak to local real estate agents to find out about sales that have happened in the last 3 months. We speak to real estate agents in the area because property databases sometimes don’t include recent sales and we want to ensure the reliability of our commercial property valuations.

Some of the purposes we value commercial property are: Compulsory acquisition or compensation; Rental rate review; Portfolio value maximisation; Deceased estate and probate settlement valuations; Taxation valuation purposes (Probate Tax, Stamp duty, Capital Gains Tax); Rent review/rent determination.

All of ACT Valuations staff, including valuers and researchers, work closely together. Research is an integral part of our valuation service and is the key component of how we arrive at the value we give when offices and commercial spaces.

We also have a business information enquiry team so when you get in touch with us you can be assured that you are talking to an expert who can give you detailed information and advice.

Our research and valuation experts are supported by high quality IT systems which ensures that any information we hold is reliable and accurate. Our robust It systems help us deliver consistent and reliable valuations and customer service.

Valuations ACT staff members combine local and international experience to deliver certified and independent office and commercial property valuations that are accepted by government bodies, lawyers and other interested parties.

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Industry qualifications.

Valuations ACT and key employees are members of the following professional associations ensuring that our high standards of work are maintained.

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