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Valuations ACT offers an array of valuation services and can provide advice in a range of areas including, but not limited to: Retail valuations; Industrial valuations; Residential valuations; Commercial valuations; Land acquisition valuations; Hospitality and tourism valuations.

Valuation plays a critical role in property valuation. A valuation influences very lending, borrowing, buying and selling decision. When you have an investment portfolio getting your properties valued regularly can give you an indication of if you need to pay capital gains tax (if the value of the properties has increased) and if you have enough equity in the properties to use for another purchase whether you’re an individual or a business.

Our Valuers have access to the latest property market information such as recent sales, clearance rates and the amenities in the area. They have sound knowledge in evaluation methodology and what needs to be considered when valuing any type of asset. They are trained in providing reliable and trustworthy property valuations. Our property Valuers also offer a property consultation service and can give you guidance on investment options and the best types of properties to invest in based upon geographical location and the potential to maximise the value of your investment.

Our team of experts can offer comprehensive property valuation services in each of the following spaces: Rental advice including rental determinations and re-negotiations – this covers third party submissions and legal work; Investment guidance and property or portfolio valuation from a corporate, accounting or financial reporting perspective; Valuations for legal purposes including family law, probate, litigation, resumption or compulsory acquisition matters; Project development viability analysis and investment advice; Project planning, portfolio planning or general property advice; Professional assessments on sale or purchase prices; Valuations for legal purposes including GST, objections, capital gains tax, stamp duty or rating and land taxes; Court proceedings and other legal matters.

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Valuations ACT and key employees are members of the following professional associations ensuring that our high standards of work are maintained.

Real estate valuer Canberra commercial valuers Canberra

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