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Rental Assessment Valuation

Similar to property prices when you’re buying or selling, the rental market is no different and it is influenced by the same market forces that buyers and sellers experience. This means that when there is significant demand, rental values will be higher than in periods of low demand.

If you want to find out the value of your property then Valuations ACT should be your point of call. Valuations ACT has a long track record in valuing properties and have been in the industry for over 20 years. Our Valuers are professional and have acquired all the relevant qualifications to value properties so when you receive a valuation from us giving you confidence that any valuation we complete for you is an accurate representation of the rent that you should be paying or receiving for your property.

Valuations ACT property valuers are highly skilled and have attained all the qualifications necessary to value a variety of property types including, but not restricted to: Commercial property; Industrial property; Large commercial property; Residential property; Small retail and office space.

How is a rental assessment valuation calculated?

A rent assessment valuation is based on a great deal of information from both property databases, discussions with local real estate agents and local community members. Our valuers speak to real estate agents and community members to find out information that might not yet have been published on the property databases. Sometimes the property databases are not updated for three months.

Our property valuers are thorough in their valuation approach and will assess: The property’s zoning – whether it’s commercial or residential; The property’s location; The size of the property; The condition of the property.

What is a rental assessment valuation?

A rental assessment valuation for residential property is approximately 13-15 pages compared to 25 pages for commercial property. The valuation will be well researched and will contain details of the rents of comparable properties in the area. Every valuation we supply is a sworn legal document so it can be used in court. If you do require the valuation for court please let our staff know when you contact us so we can ensure that your valuation report is appropriately prepared.

We have valued thousands of properties over the last 20 years and we take great pride in delivering a high level of customer service to you so we always strive to inspect the property within 48 hours of your enquiry, however sometimes if our schedules allow, we can do so the very next day. After we have inspected your property we will send a residential property valuation within 2-3 business days and you can expect a commercial or industrial valuation within 5 business days.

To get started with a rental assessment valuation or find out more about the service we offer give us a call on (02) 6189 2232.


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Valuations ACT and key employees are members of the following professional associations ensuring that our high standards of work are maintained.

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