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Expert Witness Property Valuation

Valuations ACT are professional property valuers who can complete expert witness property valuations when matters end up going to court.

When would you need an expert witness property valuation?

Most commonly you would need an expert witness property valuation to support a property settlement matter that has gone to court. An expert witness valuation can help a judge make a decision court and will be required. An expert witness valuation should always be independent and impartial. An expert witness valuation is an independent property valuation that can be used in court to enable the judge to make a decision about how the assets should be split between the two parties.

Why choose Valuations ACT?

Valuations ACT has operated for more than 20 years and we ensure that every valuer employed by the company has at least 20 years of property valuation experience in addition to all the relevant industry qualifications and have comprehensive knowledge of what determines the value of a property so they can answer any questions you have during the property valuation process.

We are skilled and dedicated with an incredible work ethic and will always do our best when preparing your property valuations. We treat all of our valuations equally and comply with the Australian Capital Territory legislation.

Due to our background in property valuations many of our valuations have been used in Australian courts such as: Federal Court; Federal Circuit Court; Federal Family Court; Family Court of Western Australia; Supreme Court; Magistrates Court; Land and Environment Court.

Many court judges prefer our valuations because they tend to be thorough and accurate. We review a combination of external and internal factors to ascertain the value of the property. The internal factors include, but aren’t limited to: The age of the property; The condition of the property; The number of bedrooms; The size of the property including the usable space; The kitchen.

External factors will also be considered. These external factors include: Interest rates; Current market conditions and recent property sales in the area; Infrastructure in the area; Local amenities such as shops and entertainment facilities.

Our expert property valuers treat every valuation with the same attention and care whether it’s a small job or a big job. If you have a court appearance coming up and need an expert witness valuation then give us a call on (02) 6189 2232.


Industry qualifications.

Valuations ACT and key employees are members of the following professional associations ensuring that our high standards of work are maintained.

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