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Separation Property Valuers

Generally, when a couple separates their property, including the family home, which is typically the most valuable asset will be divided in a property settlement. Before the property settlement process can begin it’s recommended that you get a property valuation. An independent property valuation is your best option and will ensure that you receive your fair share in the property settlement.

Valuations ACT are members of the Australian Property Institute (API) which means that all of our property valuers have at least 20 years of local experience in your area.

The advantage of having an independent property valuation is that it can reduce the risk of a conflict arising from a dispute over what the property is worth. An independent separation valuation gives you certainty around what the property is worth giving you confidence that you receive your fair share in the property settlement. If you are selling your property you might think it’s easier to get your property valued by your real estate agent, however real estate valuations are dismissed in court because they are completed with bias. Our valuation reports however are completed by expert property valuers and can be used as evidence in court.

We understand that the two separating parties may elect to use their own property valuer, however we can also carry out valuations under joint instructions.

Sometimes a client will already have received a valuation but they’re not happy with it. We have the expertise to review the previous valuation you received and offer a second opinion on what the property is worth which will give peace of mind when finalising the property settlement.

Why choose us?

We cover the broad spectrum of property valuations and have in depth knowledge of what’s required for a separation valuation. We also act in accordance with the relevant legislation so we are amongst the preferred valuation companies in courts.

Valuations ACT conduct completely independent property valuations that you can rely on when you need to. You can either opt for a short form valuation or a long form valuation report. A long form valuation report is essentially an extended valuation report that is more suitable for court.

Our fees are very reasonable and could save you thousands of dollars when you’re finalising your separation property settlement.

To get the ball rolling on a separation valuation get in touch with our helpful staff who can point you in the right direction.


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